Manufacturing and Sourcing

To ensure the most cost-effective, highest quality supply chain for our own products, we have spent years developing relationships, and vetting suppliers, both domestic and foreign. We spent 15 years running a successful injection molding facility, and have carried the experience and lessons over to our work today.

When developing your product, we feel it is important to engage supply early, as often some of the biggest cost-savings don’t come directly from design, but rather from efficiencies found in the manufacturing process.

Our sources include electronics suppliers, plastic molding and processing, metal forming and casting and finishing assemblers. We have suppliers that will do quantities as low as one, and can scale through first-article and rate initial production to volume quantities.

While we love American Made, and strive to do as much manufacturing here, sometimes the pricing of a product simply cannot compete with overseas sources. To provide alternatives to the domestic supply, our supply chain includes significant inroads in Asia, primarily in the Shanghai area of China, where we have a manufacturing and exporting supplier. Through this supplier, we procure electronic assemblies, wiring systems, molded parts, metal components and much more. This may be from both off-the-shelf components as well as custom designed components.